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A'Hoy There - $21.99

Every Captain needs a first mate. Maybe not a pirate, but at least he/she looks the part.

Large Medium

Football Hero - $21.99

Blue 82, Blue 82 … Your pet can be on the K-9 team in this great football uniform complete with ball and an old fashioned helmet.

Large Medium Small

Pom Pom Pup - $21.99

Give me a B! Give me an O! Give me an N! Give me an E! No really, give me a bone!

Large Medium Small

Pound Hound - $21.99

I swear, I’m innocent! This jailbird actually comes complete with ball and chain.

Large Medium Small

Pumpkin Patch Pooch - $21.99

Would this be the cutest dog in the Halloween Parade or what?

Large Medium Small

Rock Star - $21.99

Elvis has left the building! But your little rock star is ready for the Vegas Strip in this show stopper.

Large Medium Small

Little Scarecrow - $21.99

If I only had a brain... This outfit may scare crows, but everyone else will think it’s adorable.

Large Small

Muscle Bound Hound - $21.99

Your dog will look like he’s sporting a six-pack while wearing this muscle loaded suit. Comes complete with dumbbell!

Large Medium Small

RamBark - $21.99

Honor those in camouflage! These fatigues come complete with ‘Dog Tags’!

Large Medium Small

Fire Rescue - $21.99

Your dog is ready for action in this K9 Fire Rescue pet costume!

Large Medium Small

Race Team - $21.99

Ready, Set, Go! This race-car driver costume has it all: arms, legs, even a steering wheel!

Large Medium Small

Vampire Pup - $14.99

Can a vampire be cute? Your pooch can in this cape with medallion charm.

Large Small

Rest In Peace - $14.99

This spooky Halloween hat has a GLOW IN THE DARK headstone with ghost! And the bonus bow tie can be used for formal occasions!

Large Small

Pirate Pooch - $14.99

Shiver me Timbers! Your pooch will be ready to sail the 7 seas in this pirate bandana and skull and cross-bones head scarf.

Large Small

Pirate Hat - $14.99

Ahoy mate! Your pooch can be a pirate with this swash buckling pirate hat with scarf.

Large Small

Hot Dog - $21.99

Get - your - hot - dog - here ! Or maybe your dog is a little full of himself. Whether your pet is selling something, or just likes looking in the mirror, this one is definitely hot.


Party Animal - $21.99

Your pet will be the host with the most delivering all the party fun to your guests! It doesn’t get better than this! Your pooch will not only look like part of the fun, but will be part of the fun wearing these interactive clothes.

Large Medium Small

Lil' Ballerina - $21.99

Your little girl awaits her debut. Hopefully she won’t have four left feet! The pastel tutu has matching cuffs that can be worn by her or you!

Large Medium Small

Doggie Bones - $21.99

Is that a dog skeleton? If your pet goes Trick or Treating in the evening, some may think so. These bones GLOW IN THE DARK!





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